Ala Hazrat : Introduction

The personality of AALA HAZRAT Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Bareilvi

needs no introduction. Today his glory is echoing in the entire world. Besides Ulama,. Madaris & religious groups, Scholars, universities & modern circles are also attentive to him. Till now many scholars from the Universities of India, Pakistan & U.S.A. have done PhD on him & still the research work on him is continuing in Indian Universities & abroad. Imam Ahmad Raza was the reviver of 14th Islamic century. He was the person of world importance. In 400 years world history such an amazing Alim & Scholar and versatile genius is not found as Imam Ahmad Raza was. He is of course Aalahazrat i.e. the great threshold. He was greater than all Ulama & saints of his period as he was the reviver of his century & so he was called AALAHAZRAT He is the man of the century.

Alahazrat Childhood

Imam Ahmed Raza's Blessed..

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Academic Services

Proficiency in over fifty..

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Spiritual Life

Bai'at and Khilafat..

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Various Fatawas of

The Fatwa Of A'la Hazrat..

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Alahazrat as a Jurist

Jurisprudence was the main..

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May Allah Reward You


Markaz e Ahle Sunnat

Official Website Of Ala Hazrat

Caliphs Of Alahazrat

28 Ulama of the Holy Hermain & other Islamic work...

Pupils Of Alahazrat

Maulana Hasan Raza Khan (The younger brother)...

Ancestors (Alahazrat)

The ancestors of AlaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza bel...

Alahazrat As A Mujaddid

Imam Ahmed Raza as the Mujaddid of the 14th Ce...

Alahazrat As A Muhaddith

Imam Ahmad Raza was not merely a great Faqih....

Writing & Work

Earlier in this book, we learnt that A'la Hadrat..


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